Petra Stone Products – Handcrafted Manufactured Stone

Petra Stone Products was established in South Arkansas in 1984 as a manufactured stone franchise. Since then, we have produced and sold stone within a one hundred mile radius of El Dorado, Arkansas. Due to growing popularity and demand we expanded our production and warehouse facility to over 22,000-sq. ft. We have expanded our marketing region and now sell our stone nationwide. We are the manufacturer and wholesaler, making our prices and quality hard to beat.


In 1989 we bought out our franchiser and as a sister company named it Gold Cast Products, giving us the capability to produce our own molds. Gold Cast Products has over 110 stone manufacturers in the United States and over 30 internationally.: (two in Canada, two in Mexico, Panama, Venezuela, Chile, Russia, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines.


This unique stone is designed, specifically formulated, and handcrafted to capture the feel, texture, durability and beauty of natural stone.


Only the highest quality light-weight aggregates, Portland cement and iron oxide color pigments are used to produce this remarkable stone.


Cost-effective - this stone is light-weight and installer friendly. It requires no structural footing and it can be applied over any sound surface. It's fire-resistant and virtually maintenance free - and continues to look great for years to come.


Our Manufactured Stone is handcrafted to capture the look, feel and beauty of natural stone.